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We are the leader in Florida, selling manufacturing related businesses, especially CNC machining and Metal Fabrication!

  1. We serve both North and South Carolina!
  2. Bill Law was the very first Sunbelt Business Brokers franchisee and began business brokerage in 1992
  3. We've been selling businesses in the Carolinas, longer than just about anyone!

For most owners, their business represents their largest asset and may account for over 80% of their net worth.

When you are ready to sell your business, you're putting your life's work on the line, it is extremely important to hire a professional with a long track record of success.

An experienced broker.... ....can typically get a much higher price for a business than the owner can himself. It is often difficult to communicate the true earning power of a business.

Most owners do their best to minimize profits thereby keeping taxes low.Understanding and communicating the true adjusted earnings in a company is critical to the selling process and valuation.
Our many years of experience have taught us...
....that confidentiality and integrity are essential ingredients to sell a Charlotte business. Our professional team provides business owners turnkey services from valuation to the last steo to sell your business in the Carolinas.

We will first get to know as much as we can about your business. This includes recasting the business financials to help a buyer understand the true earning power of the business. We then develop a sound marketing strategy that includes preparing a detailed business presentation package.
Before a prospective buyer is approved
....and information is exchanged, your Southern Mergers representative will ask the buyer to execute a Confidentiality Agreement, provide a financial statement and complete a questionnaire to fully understand their background and qualifications.

For those buyers who appear to be a fit and have continued interest, we arrange a confidential meeting that may be off site or after normal working hours. During this meeting, you and the buyer have an opportunity to ask one another questions. If the buyer has continued interest, we work with you during all negotiations needed to sell your business, helping to ensure your bargaining power.
Many hurdles face you when you decide to sell a Charlotte business
An owner usually does not want anyone to know his business is for sale. He is concerned with maintaining absolute confidentiality and does not want employees, customers or competitors to be aware he is selling.  He may need a professional valuation in order to understand his company's true worth, and advice concerning how to best structure a transaction to minimize tax consequences.
These concerns necessitate the services of a qualified and knowledgeable team of professionals!
A team that knows how to sell a Charlotte business in record time. The Southern Mergers staff has advised hundreds of business owners, assisting them to sell a Charlotte business - through each stage of the selling process. 

We carefully screen buyers and will not waste an owner's valuable time bringing in those who are either financially or competently unqualified. We will sell your business, and net you the best possible return.
Sell Charlotte business - call us today!!
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Sell a Charlotte N Carolina Business

Business owners decide to sell their businesses for many legitimate reasons. The buyer will surely ask you - why did you decide to sell your business? in a confidential meeting.

Most often, sellers communicate a desire to retire or relocate or have issues related to burn-out (just want to do something else), bad health, divorce or family related matters, lack of working capital or simply financial gain.

Whatever your reason to sell a Charlotte business may be, it is very much a part of you. You have invested your time, energy and money in growing it. When it comes time to sell it, you should reap all the rewards of your efforts.

The experienced intermediaries at Southern Mergers can help you maximize these rewards.

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