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Precision Computer Numerical Control Machining

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The computer driven machining industry is a growth field.....and selling your CNC Machining Business is greatly facilitated by --
  1. The fact that the buyer doesn't need an engineering degree to manufacture goods - greatly expanding your base of prospective buyers.
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CNC Machining has two main methods... Computer-numerical control (CNC) machining, includes traditional methods utilizing engineer-operated equipment [routers, shaping machines, etc] and the newer 3D Printing.

  1. Traditional computer machining grinds down a piece of material, much like a sculptor chips away at a block of granite to "unveil" the statue inside. This method is subtractive manufacturing.
  2. 3D Printing is additive manufacturing, wherein the item is built up, from nothing, adding layers upon layers, like a wedding cake until a product is rendered.
Sell CNC Machining Business / N. & S. Carolina
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Sell CNC Machining Business / Carolina

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